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All about me

I am somtimes quite, sleepy and happy.

My treasured possession is my cudully toy, Firey the furby.

I love playing with my lego.

I have been writing stories and you can read them by clicking the links to them below.

The Pirate Adventure

The Monster

James and the minecraft adventure

The ninjas

__James and The Rise of the__ __Dragons__

James and The Rise of the Dragons Two

My first story

The pirate adventure

Chapter 1

Once upon a time me Lewis, Ben J and Blair were playing at the beach. We were having a good time....... All of a sudden we saw a pirate ship. It was coming to the harbour. We run as fast as we could to it but Blair didn't come.
Blair said ''What if the captain captures us or we walk the plank.''

Chapter 2

I said ''just come on Blair, it will be OK'' So Blair came with us. The captain saw us. We saw him. We thought it was easy to kill him but he put us in the dungeon inside the pirate ship. 3 weeks later we walked the plank. We were far out at sea but Ben J had a plan.......

Chapter 3

We fell down but..........The captain said ''NO SPLASH .Never mind. We'll go back to that island where they came from.'' We were hanging on to the plank. Meanwhile we were back at the harbour. A pirate said ''Look captain, there's the people hands on the plank.'' We looked down. We saw jelly fish.

Chapter 4

Before we fell off we popped up to destroy the pirates. 3 pirates were lying down. We picked up their swords. We made a trick on the Captain . The trick was Ben said there was a chocolate bar in the sea. The captain died because he got stung by the jelly fish. We told all our mums about it.

Chapter 5

Back at the captain's home his dad was angry so he made an army. He was travelling on a pirate ship to volcano island for the night. They were there because they were going to make a plan. The next day they attacked the harbour....

Chapter 6

We were sleeping in our beds but I heard a noise and it was loud and it was like this BANG! I ran to everybody's house to tell them the harbour was going to be destroyed. We ran as fast as we could to the harbour.

Chapter 7

We saw his father. We new that he could capture us and he did. We were in the dungeon. 4 weeks later we thought we were going to walk the plank but it was something much worse. We went to the dad's kindom. It was filled with water. We got put in a cage. Blair got in a big one, Ben went in a little one, Lewis went in a invisible one and I went in the same cage as Blair. We were sinking into the water then.............I woke up and it was all a dream!