Previously......James and his fellow Lewis has been on a mission to destroy dragons but they turned out to be good!

Chapter 1 Ye but no but!
We went to the news tower to tell they lied to us. We had a big argument and the camera man was going to put his hands on his ears but he couldn't because he was holding a camera. I shouted at Mary Loffer ''Why did you lie. You made us go on a mission to kill dragons but naw you just wanted us to spare our spare time to go on a adventure but, bu, but, bu.'' Loffer turned red'' You were the ones that you wanted to go on a adventure and that's what you decided.''
Chapter 2 YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL!5 minutes later the police arrived '' Em excused me Mrs. Loffer but you're comin we us the noo because you're going to jail.'' It took 12 minutes to get Mary Loffer out of the building. 8 minutes later the police came back and said to us'' You rule baby! AND thanks Mr. James and Mrs. Lewis, I mean Mr. Lewis. You should be going home now because its 6:37 so get a move on. You could come in our car you know if you want a lift.'' I said '' No thanks, WHEWOWHE!'' Our dragons came along and we flew fast back home.

Chapter 3 The big worry
The dragons realised that something was not right because they heard dragons far, far away. Only those two dragons could hear the sound from that far distance. They told us about the dragon breath. Breath is a very evil dragon with sharp spikes going down his back. He's got purple eyes, the spikes are silver and can chop metal and all black. He is also known as Night blood. 5 weeks later Breath would attack earth and we needed to defend ourselves for that horror dragon indeed.
Chapter 4 Hard work
In 3 days there would be a thing called Cash for the Race. Cash for the Race is a racing car sport with 100 drivers in it. I spent ages making a motor bike and Lewis spent ages on making a .F.1. racing car. Finally it was finished. I said in a strange voice'' James has created a fast motor bike with some lovely wheels and don't forget the awesome 999 miles a hour which is 1000000 times faster than the speed of light. Don't forget those handle bar. With Lewis he's got a lovely steering wheel but how could you forget the awesome picture with F 1 on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!''
Chapter 5 Ready Set Cash GO
The race line started at Side Sea Shore. Its a tongue twister. Try it, Side Sea Shore. Your prize is £400 and that's too much money. The dragons came with us. It took 5 hours to get a truck and go to the finish line. The commentator said'' Here's the track. Right the first stretch is threw the harbor and past choco-choco laty and threw past rips of the harbor and into the forest of poison and past rainbow road but be careful because there is a loop-te-loop and the amazing turn around the dragon's nest and the final stretch Leap city road and a right turn down to the finish line. Have a good drive everybody. Ready, Set CASHHH,,, GOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 6 The results and dragon club
ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM!!! At the end of the race we looked at this big .T.V. screen. I was 1st and Lewis was 2nd! We won £400! We made a tent with the money we won to make a dragon club. We phoned Beau, Blair, Sam and the two Bens. Beau's phone number was 893 764, Blair's phone number was 344 560, Sam's phone number was 792 653, Ben J's phone number was 789 223 and Ben D's phone number was 934 502. All of a sudden 5 dragons came down.
Chapter 7 Firefly, Heater, Spitter, Spark, Spike, Slam and Slice
Beau called his dragon Spitter, Blair called his dragon Spark, Sam called his dragon Spike, Ben J called his dragon Slam and Ben D called his dragon Slice. All start with a ''S''. In my street there was a perfect place to make the tent, wave hill. Clatter Clunk Clatter Clunk. We made some booby traps to make sure badies didn't come in. We dug out some of the ground for the dragons to sleep in. It was a massive tent and it was our new home.
Chapter 8 4 weeks later...4 weeks flew by with nothing to do until, the dragons said'' Everyone I hear Breath coming! Remember James and Lewis, the time when we were at the news tower when Loffer got put to jail, we have to go there.'' I said back'' Why?'' Firefly said'' If you want to get as close as possible you need to do there.'' Lewis said'' Why?'' Spike said'' That's the place where Breath will go first.'' Everyone said but not the dragons'' Lets fly we've got a world to save!''
Chapter 9 That tickles
We took all our weapons along with us. We finally got there and we saw Breath. He was giant. If all of us were piled on top of each other we would be the size of his pupil( The black dot of your eye). So he was bigger than the Eiffel Tower! 6 inches away from us. Beau fired his bow and arrow but when it hit him it snapped! Breath said'' Never tickle my chin.'' Beau said'' Never say never. You can't hit him it will make him more angry.'' We all said'' Oh man.''
Chapter 10 Dragons in the desert
The dragons said the next place he'll go is the desert. They also explained that evil dragons would come out of the ground to capture us! I built an extra part on my car to fit every body in. I also got a big space for our tent so the dragons could come along to. Off we went. We got to a place with a sign saying: Sand Street. We heard about breath and evil dragons so good dragons are allowed.
Chapter 11 Sand storm!The wind began to blow so we told everyone in the street to get inside. We saw a garage to put our car in. We rushed outside the garage door and headed right into the house. There was nobody in the house and it didn't belong to someone so we just took it. There was a video game place so we played Minecraft.
Chapter 12 Battle!!!We agreed on having a battle and nobody was in teams. I got my diamond sword and slashed it on Beau's face. Blair set a trap on Sam and he fell into lava! Ben J and Ben D were exploding each others houses.............. In the end it all came down to Beau and Ben J. Beau was hiding underneath Ben's feet and he put some .T.N.T. down. They both exploded! What a battle!
Chapter 13 No way backWhile we were playing the dragons rushed in. Slice said'' Evil dragons are coming and the car is destroyed!'' Sam said'' Is the tent destroyed?'' Spitter said'' I suppose its O.k., O.K its gone to.'' I said'' At least Breath is not here yet.'' Spark said'' I hear the sound of him. Everyone the sand storm has stopped but we have us. We can fly back to the forest of poison. Breath is going there next.''
Chapter 14 The way to destroy BreathWe skipped Breath in a short cut and we found paper. On the paper it said: If you want to destroy Breath here is the instructions. Step 1: When you see a monkey being sick pick it up and throw it at Breath. When Breath came we threw the sick monkeys at Breath.... It didn't work. Nothing can stop him. The dragons told us you can destroy Breath!
Chapter 15 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....The only way you could stop him was go to his own planet and destroy his own planet. The planet was 100000000 miles away! We needed to go to America at the Nasa launch pad. The dragons couldn't come with us because it would be to dangerous. The dragons kept guard of everywhere and they knew where Breath was going next. We got our space suits on and we went into the shuttle. In 10 minutes the launch would start. 10 minutes later we were ready. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 16 The space dragonsLewis thought the dragons wouldn't be able to stay alive but there was other dragons! The other dragons were flying around their ship. We thought they would die because they were outside the ship. The dragons were black with big eyes but they looked very fierce. We tried to ignore them but they were pushing the ship so we couldn't drive it.

Chapter 17 Arriving at Breath's planet
The ship landed with a big thud! Everybody waddled on the ground. We took one of the space buggies to find a cave. When we found a cave Evil small dragon soldiers. They flew after us and we tried to attack them. I flew up to one of the dragons with my jet pack to chop off his head. Lewis jumped on one of the dragons head and the dragon fainted. Once all of the dragons were defeated we went back to the ship to have a rest.