James and The Rise of the Dragons

James and The Rise of the Dragons
Chapter 1 The brave two
Once upon a time in a small house James G and Lewis were watching the T.V.. ''Mary Loffer is on and here's the bad news. Two boys need to go on a mission to stop dragons destroying the whole world. You need two do this in 3 months, 9 days, 6 hours and 10 minutes. Time for the good news. Now a young girl has been found in Australia in Sydney. The girl was called Alesha Mat. We will see you at the 5 o'clock news. Bye bye.

Chapter 2 The adventure begins
So Lewis and I went to get a map to go to the place where it will come out. I was quite excited but Lewis didn't want to be famous, destroying massive giant dragons witch will kapoot the world into tiny little pieces and have it for its dinner. ''So tomorrow we shall go away and kill massive dragons.'' I said. The next day we got all our swords and a sleeping blankets and we went far, far, and more far away. Proffeser Graham gave us cool stuff for our adventure.

Chapter 3 Revolting''Right it says we need to go through the forest of poison.'' I explained to Lewis. Lewis said back ''Are you shshsure I think an alligator is licking its lips right at this very moment and and and its tummy is ready to rumble and its favourite food is James and Lewis crumble. So they crept through the woods and saw a friendly monkey about to eat a apple. We watched and the monkey's face turned white then green and the most disgusting one he was sick. He fainted and then he was dead. I thought I was going to do that to.

Chapter 4 Through the yuk
After passing the dead monkey they saw other animals being sick, dead, sick, dead, sick, dead. ''YUK YUK YUK!'' we said. I had a look up and saw vines. I said to Lewis'' Are you thinking what I'm thinking?'' Lewis said ''How the earth could you be thinking what I'm thinking.'' Lets climb these vines and go like a bullet throw the jungle.

Chapter 5 Finally nice ahem
''This, is, AWSOME!'' shouted Lewis. ''Best, day EVER!'' shouted James. Lewis said ''Ahem. Sick remember.'' I said ''Best moment EVER!'' Lewis said ''That's a bit better.''...........................................................................OCH, OW, EEK, CRASH. There's a mountain now what. James said'' Look the sun is going down lets get our sleeping blankets out.''

Chapter 6 Climbing a cliff
The next morning we started to climb the trees and climb the cliff. It was hard work. Every time Lewis slipped he grabbed my toe and climbed me instead of the cliff or trees. It was soon lunch time so we had a break and had a look what was in our bags: Sausage rolls, wraps, kiwi, bananas, mars bar, haribo, and three loaves of bread. It was yummy. The afternoon was more tiring because it was 23 degrees. Just before it rained Lewis needed a rest.
Chapter 7 It wasn't rain at all
Lewis had a drink of water and made a tiny, tiny umbrella. Lewis drank ''Gu, gu , gu, gu, gu'' he went. Finally the rain started. It actually made it harder because it wasn't rain at all. It was Green slime drops. I said to Lewis ''I'll get some sticks and you get some leaves to make an umbrella to protect it from this green rain.'' ''I've got it partner.'' Lewis said.
Chapter 8 Talking and climbing
We managed to make the umbrella. It took a very long time to get to the top of the cliff. 5 hours. On the way James said'' Seems like its home is about 1000000 miles away.'' Lewis heard him and said'' I know. We might not even make it to that place where it will explode and why were we the two to go on this adventure?'' I said'' Because we like doing this stuff.'' Lewis said'' If we die we'll need to ask an other two before we die.'' I said'' We never know when we die any way.'' Lewis said'' I know what to do just give me the map and see where we are.
Chapter 9 At the top of the cliff
''Ah! I think we're here.'' said Lewis. They walked through the last bit of the forest of poison. It got a bit more hotter when we were walking. ''Hey Lewis is that the moon coming down. You know what to do.'' I said. The next day we travelled along a dessert in the big and burning sun. ''Lets see if they packed a jetpack.'' I said. They did! One for me and one for you. We had a faster journey now because we were going 80 miles an hour. We got to a petrol station called THE SUNS FAST FOOD.
Chapter 10 A quicker journey
We decided to pack our stuff and get a sweetie. I got Fruit pastels and Lewis got no sweets but salt and vinegar crisps. Yum! The good thing was we had 1000 pound to buy a car and we did even know we were to young. It was low of fuel so we paid 100 pound for the fuel. We packed lots of our stuff in the boot and set of at 78 miles an hour. Whoops! A wee bit too faster than the speed limit!
Chapter 11 Rescuing a brave one
Of we went and the sun went down and the moon went up and the moon went down and the sun went up to morning. I heard someone. I pressed on the break as hard as I could and I pressed it so hard the air bag came out! I threw the air bag out of the car and we went 50 miles an hour. Near by we saw a boy about to be dropped into a big divide. The person who was about to drop him was called THE SKULL GIRL, also one of the dragon guardians.
Chapter 12 About the dragon guardians
The dragon guardians are one of the most terrifying people in the Universe. In the team we've got SKULL GIRL, Leader and is flexible, ROBBY, good at inventing things and very strong, AMBUSH, faster then a velocorapter and helping her team, NRG MAN, was a good guy first but he done everything wrong he got forced to join his team what he is in now.
Chapter 13 Born SurvivorsShe was about to drop him and she did.......BUT! Lewis jumped out and caught him. Lewis fell into a muddy puddle but before he did he threw the boy up in the air and I got a hold of him. I got my sword out and jumped up into the air and SKULL GIRL dodged my slam. I got my rope out and I nearly whipped her. I kicked her belly, bunched her face and I jumped up put my legs on her face and done a forward flip and she went down the divide.
Chapter 14 Start of a rise
The boy told us where he lived. We took him back home but on the way there was a thumpy sound on the road. It sounded like an earthquake. ''Hey, Lewis this might be the dragons trying to get out.'' The boy said '' DRAGONS, dragons don't even exsist.'' I said back to the boy'' You see how on .T.V Mary Loffer was saying about dragon stuff. I wouldn't have thought that the news would be talking about this but I though lets put a stop to this.''
Chapter 15 At the home
We took the boy back to the house and explained every thing about his adventure. We went back in our car and we drove away........ But then our petrolwent down to zero!!! LEWIS SAID AND I SAID'' WE'RE DOOMED THE WHOLE WORLD IS DOOMED. WE'RE DEAD. WE'RE ANGELS. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' Lewis said in a calm voice ''I think were at the nest.'' We opened the door and went outside.
Chapter 16 A giant mistakeLooking at our map we were here. In 5 minutes the dragons would pop out........ 5 minutes later they popped out but they didn't attack us. Why? We had a look in our bags but then the dragons said'' Hey, what is your name? Do you want us to be your pet?'' We said'' Of, Of, course. We brought something
called a .S.S.C.W. witch means a Satellite, special, connect, world. We switched it on and everyone in the world saw us on .T.V. ''This is James G and some dragons here and they are friendly. They were going to destroy the world but they are friendly!''
Chapter 17 Going back homeWe flew back and I called my dragon Firefly and Lewis called his Heater. We saw all the places where we went: The divide, THE SUNS FAST FOOD, the dessert, the high cliff, the forest of poison, the town and our home. We made a little hut where the dragons sleep in with some fish beside it. Me and Lewis had a big day so we went to watch some .T.V. just like the good old days.

But the world is still in danger........................................