The Monster


Once upon a time there was a small and kind monster called Martin. He lived in a dark cave really alone. All the other monsters were bad so they didn't play with him. The monster only had one friend and it was a bird. Martin was scared of the monsters because they were bullies. All the other monsters were big hairy and ugly. You wouldn't want to see one.


So later on that day Martin said to the bird'' I want to say somewhere ells. '' One of the monsters heard what Martin was saying and the monster said in a angry way '' YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. YOU'RE STAYING WITH US. '' Martin said in a scared voice ''O..K.'' That night Martin and the bird walked out the area and walked away from there.........


All the monsters woke up. One of the monsters said '' I know where he is. Follow the footprints. '' Martin and the bird heard the monsters coming but there was a giraffe near by. They had just enough time to climb up its neck. The giraffe walked on and said '' Why are you on my neck?'' Martin said '' The monsters are trying to get us.'' 1 minute later the monsters saw that the footprints had stop. One monster said '' Footprints can't stop. '' And another said'' Impossible. '' And another '' But how?'' ''Few'' said Martin


So that night the monsters wanted to be good like Martin. Martin and the bird had a tree house to stay for the night but the monsters were crying and Martin heard it. The next day he went home. He saw the monsters crying. ''Are you OK.'' He said. ''We wanted you to stay with us.'' ''I'll give you a hug'' said Martin.

From that day on Martin and the monsters were friends.....

The end