The Ninjas
Chapter 1 The story begins
Once upon a time there were four ninjas called Slice, Kick man, Samurai sword and Star slice. Slice's sister is Star slice. Their master is called Sense slam. They need to stop Super slither. They all have 1 secret weapon hidden in the Temple of darkness. The only way to stop the Super slither is the weapons what are in the temple of darkness.

Chapter 2 OH NO!
One day when they were training one of Super slither's minions managed to break into their home. Star slice got taken away to Super slither's fortress guarded by skeletons . It's also called the Slither Skull HQ. He got sent to a deep dark dungeon. A skeletons said ''Here's your rubbish home......and wait.... you're dumb!'' The other one said'' Good one!'' Sense slam was worried about Star slice.

Chapter3 The plan
So back at the Slither Skull HQ, Star slice is walking on a plank and underneath there was lava. He plopped into the lava and in 10 seconds flat he was boiled to death. A skeleton said ''Now for the other three.'' Now the three ninjas were on the plank but they forgot someone... Sense slam was there. Slice said ''Well that's it, we're going to die.'' A skeleton said ''Who do you think is going to save yi now losers.'' Kick man laughed ''Haaaaaa haaaaaa Sense slam of course because he's right behind you.'' ''O man.''

Chapter 4 ''Seems like it didn't work ''but there is hope
''Ok Star slice is gone so if we just need to say.........'' ''Hello.''said Star slice. Everyone yelled ''STAR SLICE.'' ''But how did you survive?'' said Samurai sword. Star slice said ''It wasn't lava after all.''

Chapter 5 The Skeleton Revenge
Kick man knew what they would do next. He thought maybe they were going to steal me or...o.r......OR Super slither destroys our home and put us in a cage and make us not say a word for a century! But he was wrong. They were going to set traps on a building so when the ninja come they'll have a trap ready for them........ So it just happened they were stuck in a trap in a 60 storey building called the sword-pire state.

Chapter 6 Lost at Sea
Super slither was on his motor bike called Rattle wheel and he was going around the building again and again. You think Sense slam could come and rescue them but skeletons were surrounding him on the building. Super slither throw one of his slither grenades on the bottom of the sword-pire state. De,de dedededede........BOOOOM!!!!! They were near the sea so the got blown out of there traps and there were split up at sea. Slice landed at the temple of darkness, Kick man landed on a crew ship, Samurai sword went under water in a deep dark cave and Star slice on a island called Lava land. No one lived on that island. Sense slam got killed. He was lying with a sharp bit of glass on his tummy.